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Lisa Guerrero is the award winning Chief Investigative Correspondent for America’s top rated syndicated news magazine, Inside Edition. One of the most versatile broadcasters on television, Lisa has guest co-hosted The View, been a special correspondent for Dr. Phil and is a frequent guest panelist on CNN and HLN.

Lisa is also a successful actress having starred in Aaron Spelling’s, Sunset Beach and guest starred on Southland, Frasier and The George Lopez Show. Lisa recently played herself in the Academy Award nominated film, Moneyball.

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  • You made my day! Thank you! 💗 https://t.co/JZ4krwVfsd 2 minutes ago
  • Thx 4 watching our  @InsideEdition  investigation, Joshua! 1 in 5 elderly people are victims of scams. #GrannyGuerrero https://t.co/jD9Vu9zuWF 4 hours ago
  • Thanks for this #TBT memory,  @TeklaVassie  -I'll be looking a bit different today on  @InsideEdition  😉#GrannyGuerrero https://t.co/hnoiF0nxEZ 6 hours ago
  • This sweet lady (& others) say they've been scammed so I go undercover as #GrannyGuerrero 2help  @InsideEdition  TODAY https://t.co/j52e424d6C 7 hours ago
  • Yes! The Tennesseans we interviewed 4 this story were amazing &we thank the victims- many were elderly- who spoke2us https://t.co/qbWYay1OjZ 7 hours ago
  • RT  @UniPolitica : Celebs ask Latinos to fight against anti-immigrant fear-mongering from Trump, Cruz & Marco https://t.co/Ky0Tdv9vSr https:/… 7 hours ago
  • Celebridades latinas piden en carta abierta que la comunidad hispana vote - Univision https://t.co/3ef71D4hlD 7 hours ago
  • Me before coffee😉 Actually it's a mask I wear on  @InsideEdition  today to help seniors who say they've been scammed! https://t.co/ja7Fz3cZDz 7 hours ago
  • Can u imagine targeting the elderly? Seniors told me they were scammed &it was amazing going undercover 2investigate https://t.co/UHl6dHIHIV 7 hours ago
  • Talk about going Undercover! I become #GrannyGuerrero to investigate a plumber who 'scammed elderly' https://t.co/k6erqWTLyt via  @MailOnline  8 hours ago
  • Thx to  @KTLA  for this fun #TBT Rams Jam- Sideline Spotlight With Former LA Rams Cheerleader  @4LisaGuerrero  https://t.co/SJ8wIln8kP via ktla 9 hours ago
  • Thank you SO MUCH 4the kind words & fantastic profile this morning! You guys ROCK  @henrydicarlo   @ChrisKTLA   @MeganHenderson   @KTLAMorningNews  11 hours ago
  • I go undercover as #GrannyGuerrero 2 investigate a plumber who 'scammed elderly' TODAY on  @InsideEdition  https://t.co/k6erqWTLyt  @MailOnline  12 hours ago
  • Thanks Marcie! 😊 https://t.co/EU5qOMUoMF 18 hours ago
  • Watch  @KTLA  at 5:15am tomorrow as I talk about the return of our  @RamsNFL  and cheering for them in the 80s! #GoRams https://t.co/qejklGqe85 18 hours ago
  • I'm on  @KTLA  at 5:15 AM to talk about the return of our  @OfficialLA_Rams  & cheering for them in the 80s! #GoodTimes https://t.co/7tBlzeMAmD 19 hours ago
  • Thank you!  @YogiBabaPrem   @Bravotv   @InsideEdition  1 day ago
  • The sweet lady in the pic said she was scammed by a contractor so I go undercover 2try2 catch him  @InsideEdition  THU https://t.co/as7yY12VQ9 1 day ago
  •  @Bravotv  Thanks for sharing my  @InsideEdition  Lobster Investigation! "35% of 'Lobster' at Restaurants Isn't Lobster" https://t.co/cy0oCAQkr1 1 day ago
  • Thanks to the  @nytimes  for sharing my #FakeLobsterInvestigation & thanks to you for watching it! https://t.co/OMllqFnCVa 1 day ago
  • Ha! Don't miss this one...It's a classic! (Plus it exposes how the elderly are targets of scams)  @InsideEdition  https://t.co/eMQZTKGk18 1 day ago
  • I just need a clever Twitter follower to edit the Mission Impossible music into the #GrannyGuerrero video 😜 https://t.co/mffWiOhVYS 1 day ago
  • Seniors say they've been scammed by a contractor so I go UNDERCOVER as #GrannyGuerrero on  @InsideEdition  TOMORROW https://t.co/NSICqVBYti 1 day ago
  •  @InsideEdition  is America's top rated syndicated news magazine. Check your local listings at https://t.co/ZQRmmJoZc6 https://t.co/NSMunXRar9 1 day ago
  • It's not makeup, but an ENTIRE MASK down to my shoulders with wig attached! It was claustrophobic but VERY realistic https://t.co/OpDne3fX90 1 day ago