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Learn how to curate, create, and gift one-of-a-kind napkin ring sets made from vintage brooches and costume jewelry, preferably from your very own jewelry box. TV personality Lisa Guerrero shares the story of how she created this original craft to honor her family’s heritage and upcycle treasures found in her community. She shows how to “frame” these art pieces with the right napkins and tie the collection together with china so that the table sparkles in the candlelight. The photographs will inspire you to shop your closet and develop your own aesthetic. You’ll learn not only how to elegantly present these projects as gifts, but also how to pass this craft technique along to others in your life. It’s the perfect family project for sharing with the next generation.


“Lisa is a closet crafter like me! And she knows that making personalized gifts is the most beautiful way to show friendship and love. That’s why these napkin rings I am holding are so special. Lisa sourced unique Scandinavian pins to make this gift honoring my Swedish heritage. They have a special place on my table and Lisa has a special place in my heart!

Follow Lisa’s tips and you too will have lots of jewelry for your table and the tables of your friends!”

— Deborah Norville (


Lisa Guerrero has been on an exciting book tour for Jewelry For Your Table and has enjoyed doing demonstrations of this beautiful craft on several television shows. Check out how fun and easy it is to make your own Jewelry For Your Table napkin ring sets! Let this gorgeous, coffee table book be your inspiration!
  • Be creative
    find your design and make it happen
    Enjoy the process
    and marvel at the outcome
    Share with friends
    and enjoy for years to come

      Purchase Jewelry For Your Table today, a perfect gift for friends & family.



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