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  • RT  @keithboykin : The unarmed 22-year-old black man, Stephon Clark, was shot and killed by Sacramento police who said they thought the cell… 38 minutes ago
  • RT  @kazweida : Who could have possibly foreseen these consequences? Oh, right. EVERYONE. 47 minutes ago
  • RT  @ABC : Children more likely than before to draw scientists as women, study shows. 1 hour ago
  • RT  @sobore : Mantra is a street artist from France who‘s been turning boring walls of buildings into giant pieces of art by painting hyperre… 1 hour ago
  • RT  @krisvancleave : Nearly 4,000 flights canceled in US today. NYC area airports taking the worst of the cancelations due to storm. 2 hours ago
  •  @RyanOlah2   @TomArnold   @FOXSports  I am confirming inappropriate behavior at Fox Sports. 2 hours ago
  • Since the presidential election, prescription drug prices have gone through the roof. Disturbing report: 2 hours ago
  • This is a big deal. 2 hours ago
  • He was a 24 year old white male: Austin bombing suspect dies after detonating explosive as SWAT team closed in, pol… 2 hours ago
  • Blondie: Blondie. 1976. Sexy cool punk. Before they went Disco. (How did I forget the 1st album that introduced me… 7 hours ago
  • Scoreboard: Stormy. Again! 8 hours ago
  • RT  @brianbeutler : Another “DO NOT CONGRATULATE” memo is in order! 8 hours ago
  • RT  @LUnderwood630 : Humbled to accept the Democratic nomination for Congress in the #IL14. We built this together and we'll win this toget… 8 hours ago
  • #NationOfImmigrants Congrats to Abu! 🇺🇸 8 hours ago
  • This. Sad. True. 8 hours ago
  • As the original female co-host of the show I can tell you this;  @TomArnold  was an AWESOME castmate and still count… 9 hours ago
  • Real life: 11 hours ago
  • Update: Austin law enforcement claims this latest package was not a bomb but an “incendiary device” unrelated to pr… 11 hours ago
  • You got THAT right. #WhatIsGoingOn 12 hours ago
  • Ex-OL Martin pleads not guilty to felony counts 12 hours ago
  • This is incredibly disturbing: When detained by police he had an axe, a knife and a loaded shotgun in his possessio… 12 hours ago
  • RT  @Marmel : Ben Carson: “let he who is without sin...” Picks up rock. Throws it at wife. Runs. 12 hours ago
  • RT  @tedlieu : How do we know Ben Carson is not only incompetent but a bad person? Because he just publicly threw his wife under the bus. H… 12 hours ago
  • ANOTHER ONE. Please be careful, Austin friends! 12 hours ago
  • RT  @EdmundHanlon : Ben Affleck’s back tattoo? DO NOT CONGRATULATE 🤣 12 hours ago