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  •  @ChelseaClinton  Lol!!!! 25 seconds ago
  • Got fired up because #TheClash ( was trending. But then realized it was a dang car ra… 10 minutes ago
  • RT  @shadowandact : Sidney Poitier will be 90 years old in 2 days - Feb. 20. Nine days later, March 1, Harry Belafonte will also celebrate 90… 13 hours ago
  • RT  @splcenter : Are you a #DACA recipient? We want to hear from you! Tell us about your life (and pass it on to other #DREAMers): https://t.… 13 hours ago
  • RT  @ChelseaClinton : Women's rights are human rights and human rights are women's rights. 13 hours ago
  • RT  @MaxTarlton : #Search Continues For Man Swept Away In #ThousandOaks #Flooding -- #LArain #CAstorm #storm -- 22 hours ago
  • RT  @andysignore : Usually when Los Angeles complains about "rain" - I wanna smack them in the face... But this... This. Is. INSANE! #Sinkhol… 22 hours ago
  • RT  @MOXXX : Just saw this guy surfing down Coldwater Canyon in Studio City. #LARain  @KPCC 22 hours ago
  • RT  @techofmeaning : "The only security of all is in a free press." -- Thomas Jefferson #NotTheEnemy 22 hours ago
  • Love this! 23 hours ago
  • RT  @ladailynews : Massive LA-area storm leaves 4 dead, thousands still without power 23 hours ago
  • RT  @MGongadze : my husband was an inspiration to many young journalists and activists. It is our duty to carry on his legacy of free journal… 23 hours ago
  • RT  @MyLittleBloggie : This is Strider Wolf, who was homeless in Maine, partly because of government neglect. People telling his story are no… 23 hours ago
  •  @LVview  Thank you Sandra! 23 hours ago
  • I helped put a child killer in prison, was hit by a car by a child abuser & get death threats from criminals my rep… 23 hours ago
  • RT  @NC5PhilWilliams : This is Chauncey Bailey, an Oakland journalist, murdered in 2007 as a result of his reporting on corruption in his com… 23 hours ago
  • RT  @AwardsDaily : Anna Politkovskaya known for standing up to Putin, her reports on Chechnya resulted in 20 criminal cases, assassinated. #N… 23 hours ago
  • RT  @AlchemistYoga : This is Paul Klebnikov, American journalist, who worked for Forbes magazine. He was murdered in Moscow. He was #NotTheEn… 23 hours ago
  • RT  @malonebarry : 1,230 journalists killed since 1992. 41% of them were killed covering war. But 66% were killed covering politics or corrup… 24 hours ago
  • RT  @MikeLevinCA : "Without debate, without criticism, no Administration and no country can succeed and no republic can survive." -John F. Ke… 24 hours ago
  • RT  @bvhks : Many Journalists risk their lives covering stories everyday.. Believe me they are #NotTheEnemy... 24 hours ago
  • RT  @KBAresearch : #NotTheEnemy Thank you to the many journalists working hard to report fairly & accurately. We need you. 24 hours ago
  • RT  @Resist_N0W : A nation afraid to let its people judge truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation afraid of its people -JFK #N… 24 hours ago
  • RT  @NC5PhilWilliams : This is the  @Newseum 's Journalists Memorial, listing the 2,291 individuals who have died around the world reporting th… 24 hours ago
  • RT  @peterdaou : Very moving how the #NotTheEnemy hashtag has become a tribute to the brave journalists who gave their lives to report the tr… 24 hours ago