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  • RT  @EdKrassen : Some quotes survive 1000 yrs. This one will! Christine Blasey Ford: “How is it that a woman who has been a victim of sexu… 37 minutes ago
  • RT  @ZerlinaMaxwell : ALLEGATIONS of sexual harassment ruin a man’s life so much he can go from a state GOP office to Capitol Hill. Wait… 37 minutes ago
  • RT  @PattyArquette : I am sensing a pattern of amnesia here. 38 minutes ago
  • LOL! Love this forever! 💙 41 minutes ago
  • RT  @EricBoehlert : "tell me what boy hasn't done this in high school." i hope everyone in America watches this clip to get a sense of how… 42 minutes ago
  • RT  @PersuasivePR : Blasey told her husband in 2001. "As relationship deepened, Ford told him that she’d been physically abused years earlier… 45 minutes ago
  • RT  @OMAHAGEMGIRL : 8 prisoners released, 263 cases under review after Florida deputy accused of planting drugs | #S… 46 minutes ago
  • RT  @amjoyshow : Dr. Ford's Attorneys Lay Out Conditions for Her Testimony #AMJoy 46 minutes ago
  • RT  @ACLU : Things the Trump administration has taken money from to fund the jailing of families and immigrant abuses: ❌ FEMA ❌ cancer resear… 47 minutes ago
  • Wow! Spokesman for GOP on Kavanaugh nomination resigns; has been accused of harassment in the past via  @NBCNews  1 hour ago
  • RT  @NickKristof : A fascinating profile of Christine Blasey Ford says that she became an expert in overcoming trauma in part based on her ow… 2 hours ago
  • Apparently  @tedcruz  is hoping Texas voters hate black people. Why else would he post this? 2 hours ago
  • Republican lawmaker in MN abruptly drops his re-election bid after daughter accuses him of sex abuse via rawstory 2 hours ago
  • RT  @Amy_Siskind : Happy first day of autumn. 2 hours ago
  • RT  @Lawrence : “Alcoholics Unanimous” is what Mark Judge called his high school friends. Dr Ford says Mark Judge helped Brett Kavanaugh sexu… 2 hours ago
  • RT  @The_UnSilent_ : This is Beto leaving the Debate 🤘🏻 What do you think Ted Cruz’s drive home was like last night? 😐 2 hours ago
  • RT  @soledadobrien : Wow, these ladies are terrible people. 2 hours ago
  • !!! 8 hours ago
  • So thanksgiving is...awkward? 9 hours ago
  •  @forastero_40   @craigsla  Seriously?? 9 hours ago
  • Hey  @CNN  - Fire him now. And can I get a dang night off without another vile GOP “family values conservative” rapin… 9 hours ago
  • Me and my girls! (Apparently I have a thing for blondes ;) #GirlsNightOut  @craigsla 9 hours ago
  •  @MiaStJohnBoxer  Girl...Let’s plan one!!! 9 hours ago
  • Heading to a much needed #GirlsNightOut - Let me know if crazy news happens while I’m sipping 🍷😉 Hope your weekend’… 15 hours ago
  • RT  @HillaryClinton : A reported 211 families are still waiting to be reunited since the administration separated them at the border. It's be… 20 hours ago