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  • Do. It! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 10 hours ago
  • RT  @LallyKathy : Time for women to speak up | The two expat bros who terrorized women correspondents in Moscow 10 hours ago
  • RT  @thehill : "Harlem Shake" creators to sue over use in FCC chairman's anti-net neutrality video:… 10 hours ago
  • Having grown up in the OC, this breaks my heart. 11 hours ago
  • RT  @BradMossEsq : It would be against the law for Mueller to fire/reassign/demote civil servants based on nothing other than their political… 13 hours ago
  • #ButHisEmails 13 hours ago
  • She’s cool with murder. But not with lying. 😑 14 hours ago
  • RT  @Dodgers : The Los Angeles Dodgers today acquired outfielder Matt Kemp from the Atlanta Braves in exchange for Adrián González, Scott Kaz… 14 hours ago
  • RT  @latimes : New evacuation orders for Santa Barbara County as winds pick up, threatening hundreds of homes in Montecito… 16 hours ago
  • RT  @TheEllenShow : Patti Sue Mathis, your death was not in vain. Your father is changing the world in your honor. 17 hours ago
  • RT  @renato_mariotti : It would be unlawful to fire FBI agents due to their private political beliefs. Should FBI Director Wray be fired beca… 17 hours ago
  •  @Cr8z13   @latimes  Yep. Especially when you consider their salaries are about 36 million dollars of taxpayer money. 17 hours ago
  •  @wobblebody   @JulieDiCaro   @670TheScore  The link is posted on my thread :) 17 hours ago
  • Thanks for listening  @ArchieTex 17 hours ago
  • I see this guy deleted his tweet. Good. Thanks for your likes & retweets that helped bring attention to it! 🙌🏼 17 hours ago
  • Incredibly disturbing article. Why is California the only state that doesn’t allow these bad officer’s names to be… 17 hours ago
  •  @sally_part3   @latimes  California is the only state that refuses to release the names of these dirty officers. Read the article. 17 hours ago
  • This excellent investigation by the  @latimes  will make your blood boil. #Wow 17 hours ago
  •  @zennie62  She is beautiful! 18 hours ago
  • Great conversation  @JulieDiCaro  - Thanks for having me on! 18 hours ago
  •  @HoopersX  💖 1 day ago
  • This: 1 day ago
  • RT  @melsil : Just announced: Commission on Sexual Harassment and Advancing Equality in the Workplace will lead the entertainment industry to… 1 day ago
  • Not interested in being rated by you or anyone else as “hot”. Thanks. 1 day ago
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