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  • No. You are hoping to demean someone who believes in the power of prayer. He doesn't have to "prove why" to you. Ag… 6 minutes ago
  • I'm progressive & see NOTHING wrong w "sending prayers" in a time of tragedy. It is simply a way of honoring victim… 10 minutes ago
  • RT  @SenJohnMcCain : Cindy & I are keeping America's sailors aboard the USS John S McCain in our prayers tonight - appreciate the work of sea… 26 minutes ago
  • RT  @jimsciutto : Only last week, all senior officers of #USSFitzgerald were relieved of command following its collision with merchant ship.… 26 minutes ago
  • Thoughts and prayers to these families. And hopefully answers to why this has happened ...again. 27 minutes ago
  • Twice in two months. Are our radar systems getting hacked? Hmm. 29 minutes ago
  • RT  @TheRickyDavila : Oh the irony indeed. This should be seen over & over & over again & then some. #Boston 4 hours ago
  • Ha!!! 4 hours ago
  • RT  @david_tanenhaus : My favorite Civil War era monuments are the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments. 4 hours ago
  •  @TeeCee_85   @BR_DougFarrar  Genius. 4 hours ago
  • RT  @Bruins_Fatalist : Breitbart Just Tried Smearing Immigrants, Failed, And Became An International Joke via  @anteks … 4 hours ago
  • RT  @MiraSorvino : I don't usually ask for retweets but if you RT the quoted tweet it could put serious pressure on  @Amazon  to pull its ads f… 4 hours ago
  • RT  @slpng_giants : Breitbart's bigotry is only outweighed by their tremendous stupidity. 4 hours ago
  • RT  @RWPUSA : Best way to celebrate Steve Bannon's reunion with Breitbart "News": subscribe to the NYT and Washington Post. 4 hours ago
  • RT  @JoyAnnReid : The thing about "alt rightism" is that it seems popular when you're in the Breitbart comments section. But in the real worl… 4 hours ago
  • RT  @Kat4Obama : "mistaking" 4 hours ago
  • RT  @CNN : Holocaust survivor watches Charlottesville, says neo-Nazi has “the same hatred” as those at Auschwitz http… 4 hours ago
  • RT  @DustinGiebel : Bannon's first weekend at Breitbart is going well 4 hours ago
  • "Immigrants Picked Your Kale" sign: WINNER 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 #LagunaBeach Anti-Immigrant Rally counter protesters are setting… 4 hours ago
  • Laguna Beach, law enforcement authorities gear up for 'America First!' (White Supremacist) rally 4 hours ago
  • To my friends in #LagunaBeach 🌴.. Please be careful today! #NoMoreHate #ResistRacism #LoveWins 🇺🇸 4 hours ago
  • RT  @jonathanweisman : I just threw up in my mouth. 10 hours ago
  • RT  @perrybaconjr : This is, wow. Barack Obama literally predicted last week in November. 10 hours ago
  • RT  @brianstelter : No  @WhiteHouse  officials are on the Sunday political talk shows today. 0. 10 hours ago
  •  @samstein  Old article 10 hours ago