Lisa Guerrero is the award winning Chief Investigative Correspondent for America’s top rated syndicated news magazine, Inside Edition.  One of the most versatile broadcasters on television, Lisa has guest co-hosted The View, been a special correspondent for Dr. Phil and is a frequent guest panelist on CNN and HLN. She is also a successful actress having starred in Aaron Spelling’s, Sunset Beach and guest starred on Southland, Frasier and The George Lopez Show. Lisa recently played herself in the Academy Award nominated film, Moneyball.

Before Inside Edition

Before joining Inside Edition in 2006, she spent a decade and a half as a sportscaster for CBS, Fox Sports Net and ABC reporting for Monday Night Football, The Best Damn Sports Show Period, Toughman, Sports Geniuses, Fox Sports Report and Sports Central. She has covered everything from the Superbowl to The World Series and has interviewed hundreds of athletes, including Shaquille O’Neal, Alex Rodriguez, Brett Favre and Mia Hamm.

Lisa Was The First Woman To…

Lisa was the first woman to earn a TV contract as a sports reporter in LA and was the first journalist (male or female) to ask Barry Bonds, on camera, if he’d taken steroids. She was also the first Latina to host the Hispanic Heritage Month Reception at The White House and was named “One of the 100 Most Influential Hispanics in America” by the Hispanic Business Journal.

Lisa Wins Prestigious Awards

Since becoming an investigative journalist in 2010, Lisa has won numerous prestigious, national awards. In 2014 she was honored with a Clarion Award for “Justice For Alissa” and an Exceptional Merit in Media Award (EMMA) for “Justice For Juliette”. Both investigations shed light on child abuse and focused on two young girls who were beaten to death.

Lisa has won back-to-back-to back National Headliner Awards in 2011, 2012 and 2013, twice for Business and Consumer Reporting and once for “Best Investigative Report” beating other nominees including NBC News and CNN’s Anderson Cooper. She’s been honored twice by The National Press Club for consumer reporting and animal abuse investigations. Lisa also won commendations from both The Genesis Awards and The Prism Awards. (2010, 2011, 2012).

Lisa currently lives in Southern California with her husband, World Series champion pitcher, Scott Erickson.

Lisa Asks Tough Questions

Lisa Asks The Tough Questions

Lisa dominated Commissioner Adam Silver’s NBA Press Conference when she fearlessly called out then Clippers owner, Donald Sterling for his decades long questionable behavior and business practices.

100 Most Influential Latinas

Named One of the 100 Most Influential Hispanics in America

Lisa was also the first Latina to host the Hispanic Heritage Month Reception at The White House and was named “One of the 100 Most Influential Hispanics in America” by the Hispanic Business Journal.

Lisa and Scott

Lisa is married to Scott Erickson

Lisa has been married to World Series Champion pitcher Scott Erickson since 2004. Together they support dozens of charities each year including The Salvation Army, Wounded Warriors Foundation, The Starkey Hearing Foundation, The Buoniconti Fund and St. Jude Children’s Hospital. They currently live in Southern California with their two dogs Cupcake and Twinkie.



  • Lisa and The Salvation Army

    For decades Lisa has hosted fundraising events, emceed Christmas Kettle Kickoffs, held golf tournaments and even entered a salsa dance competition (she won!), all to raise money for her favorite charity, The Salvation Army.

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