Lisa on the Hallmark Channel

Mosaic Designs by Lisa Guerrero

How Lisa Got Started

After being inspired by the gorgeous ancient mosaics she saw while vacationing in Europe and on assignment in Egypt, Lisa took a mosaic workshop back home in Los Angeles in 2008. There she learned the basics of mosaic design, glass and ceramic cutting and grouting.

Her first full sized project was “Malibu Mermaid” (24″ X 36″), an intricate and elaborate rendering of a siren, soon to be rescued. It was accepted into exhibition in Napa Valley, California’s Sebastopol Center for the Arts in 2009 and it was selected for publication in The Best of Worldwide Mixed Media Artists in 2010.

Soon she was creating home decor mosaics for friends and family as well as several large pieces that were installed as kitchen backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, even a pizza oven!

Backsplash Babes

As Lisa continued to hone her craft, she began to produce a whimsical line of wall hangings or kitchen backsplashes called Backsplash Babes. The large scale pop art mosaics are a humorous take on gender and cultural based stereotypes of women in the kitchen. The ethnically diverse images incorporate real kitchen utensils, jewelry and smart-alecky captions and have been shown in several exhibitions including Rebecca Molayem Gallery’s “Modern Muses” in West Hollywood and Jeanie Madsen Gallery’s “Beat Cultures” in Santa Monica. An art critic called Backsplash Babes “sassy and slightly subversive” and they began to get noticed by celebrity collectors. Both baseball star, Johnny Damon and Kiss guitarist, Tommy Thayer have purchased Lisa’s mosaics.

Baseball star Johnny Damon buys “Every Man’s Dream” from Lisa’s one-of-a-kind Backsplash Babes mosaic art collection

Lisa’s Pieces

In recent months Lisa has been producing two home decor lines: mosaic frames and glass votives embellished with stained glass, vintage jewelry and shells. Some of these one of a kind works of art are for sale here on this website and others have been auctioned for charity or given to loved ones. Lisa was even featured on Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family teaching viewers how to make a simple floral votive mosaic. She is currently designing a series of holiday votives for Fall/Winter 2015 and is developing a “How To Mosaic” DVD.

Lisa Guerrero’s Backsplash Babes are……

Lisa Guerrero’s Backsplash Babes are hand cut, handcrafted one of a kind pop art mosaics. The large scale mixed media pieces incorporate such items as recycled stained glass, ceramic, mirror, Italian smalti, kitchen utensils, cork, dish ware and vintage jewelry. The large pieces take 3-6 weeks to design, cut, glue, grout and seal. Many have been shown in art exhibitions and each is personally signed by Lisa. Mosaics make great gifts for your family and friends.
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